Polar Harmony Institute

Undergrad Integration Studio II. Winter 2019

Revit, Rhino 6.0, Enscape, Adobe CS
Toronto, ON

Collaborator: Rui Batista Cordeiro

The building is a manifesto of art & design production which is to destruct and recreate, decompose and integrate. The OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) satellite campus aims to motivate students to break the boundaries of imagination, and challenge students to create new ideas from the most mundane and simple things. The project effectively achieves three distinct masses by taking into account environmental parameters that align with the programmatic needs of OCAD. The main masses, comprising a glass volume and a concrete volume, are intentionally separated by a colourful volume to create a direct pathway leading to the open landscape in the south. This spatial division is experienced internally through carefully planned circulation routes, guiding visitors to engage with the space through expansive floor-to-ceiling glazing.