Undergrad Independent Study. Fall 2021

Rhino 7.0, Adobe CS, Material Exploration
Toronto, ON

Supervisor: Vincent Hui

The design of architecture is beyond two dimensions; it involves manipulating tangible, three-dimensional form to create spatial relationships that accommodate functions, create visual interests, and sensory experiences. The future of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire in architecture lies in the exploration of achieving three-dimensional deformation with full integration of SMA wire at a large architectural scale that creates tangible, physical impact to architecture with volumetric changes, while maintaining its role to create an environment for interactions and provoke emotions, as well as a realm where individual experiences and memories are created.

MIMOS is an aggregation of multiple trained SMA wires and substrates aimed to perform three-dimensional changes. The shape of the substrate was inspired by the shape of ferns with fine fronds that could cause a quivering motion as the SMA wire contracts when activated.